Monday, August 22, 2011

"Becoming Superhuman" Progress Test

I've been doing this program for two weeks now, and it was time to do an exhaustion test to see where my progress is at and come up with new starting points for the weeks to come. Here were my results:

-Push-ups: maxed out at 45 reps
-Pull-ups: maxed out at 16 reps (I was really disappointed with this)
-Dips: maxed out 22 reps
-Horizontal rows: maxed out at 22 reps
-100pd military press: maxed out at 20 reps
-225pd barbell shrug: maxed out at 25 reps

I have mixed emotions about my progress, but its progress nonetheless. I will make adjustments as needed and continue on to reach my goals. "Go hard everyday, ALL DAY."


1 comment:

  1. My progress:
    -push ups: 30 reps
    -pull ups: 6 reps
    -dips: 9 reps
    -Horizontal Rows: 16 reps
    -Military Barbell Press (50lbs): 17 reps
    -Barbell Shrugs (115 lbs): 22 reps